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  • Pilbox is a brand of pill dispensers designed and manufactured in France

    Pilbox, enabling you to take your treatment more effectively

    Pilbox is a brand of pill dispensers designed and manufactured in France.

    Pilbox pill dispensers have been helping patients take their medical treatments more effectively and improve their observance for over 30 years.

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The pill box for taking your treatment exactly as required!

An effective help to manage your treatment on a daily basis! Perfect compliance with your treatment regime can sometimes be tricky, with various medicines to take at specific times, and so on. The risks of confusion, forgetfulness or double-doses are real.

The Pilbox pill dispenser is a major help in improving observance for people who take more than one type of medication a day, with modules for organising and storing treatments and tactile markings for the visually impaired. Compact and easy to take with you when travelling, it comes in a wide variety of models.