Lots of you ask us where you can buy a monthly or fortnightly pill dispenser. At Pilbox you will find pill dispensers for 28 doses but not one for several weeks. Why?

In France, your doctor may prescribe medicines for a period longer than one month, for example with a note saying “treatment to continue for two months”. But your pharmacist can only dispense up to 30 days’ treatment. Also, health professionals such as pharmacists or nurses are not allowed to deblister (i.e. remove medicines from their original aluminium packaging) more than seven days’ treatment. These rules are designed to help your doctor monitor your condition as closely as possible and possibly adjust your treatment. The seven-day rule is also about treatment efficacy, because the active ingredients in some medicines lose their effect over time or in contact with other medicines. In addition, a monthly pill dispenser with several doses a day would be too awkward and could increase the risk of mistakes when adding the pills to it.

So, yes, we could offer you monthly pill dispensers. Yes, we could advise you to use four Pilbox Liberty, Mini or Maxi dispensers. But Pilbox is firmly committed to improving patients’ treatment observance without putting them at risk. Solutions will soon be available with smart pill dispensers that allow medicines to remain in their blister packs. We will keep you informed.

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